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Expert Waxing Services for Smooth, Touchable Skin

Close up waxing in by a beautician in a spa centerOne of the biggest benefits of waxing is how long the results last. Unlike shaving that merely cuts the hair at skin level, waxing aims to grab the hair from its roots, resulting in significantly longer results. Waxing also delivers better results in the form of smoother skin. While shaving can result in rough stubble in as little as two days post-shave, waxing will leave skin touchable and smooth for a week or more.

Waxing is the most effective hair removal service, and has many advantages over traditional shaving. During waxing, warm wax is pulled from the skin, and with the hair comes lots of dead skin cells. Once your skin is rid of those dead cells, the fresh, radiant skin underneath is revealed. Waxing also has the benefit of being much faster than shaving. While shaving, you must go slow and be cautious not to cause nicks or cuts. Waxing is fast and simple, taking only minutes.

Our professional waxing services gently remove hair from your face or body, leaving behind beautifully smooth skin. Our experienced beauty technicians make the waxing process as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Experience the feel of smooth, hair-free skin for yourself by scheduling an expert waxing session.

Women’s Waxing Services

Full Facial Wax (lip, brow &chin) $40.00 and up

Lip Wax $15.00

Eyebrow Wax $18.00

Chin Wax $18.00 and up

Side of Face Wax $22.00

Underarm Wax $28.00

Half Arm Wax $32.00

Full Arm Wax $45.00

Bikini Wax $45.00 and up

Half Leg Wax $45.00

Full Leg $65.00 and up

Full Leg and Bikini $86.00 and up

Back $45.00 and up

Nape $18.00

Abdomen $18.00

Chest Waxing $45.00 and up

Brazilian $65.00 and up

content-bottomGift Packages Available

With the stressful times in our lives there is no better way to pamper ourselves or loved ones by giving the Gift of Pampering for any holiday, birthday, special occasion or no occasion throughout the year.

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